Bibek Panthi-Former Contestant at IMO 2017, Brazil

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Just try to see the beauty of mathematics beyond equations, numbers, calculations and tedious figures. You will go crazy about it.


My journey began from grade 10 in Rupandehi after I achieved first position in District Level Mathematical Olympiad. After then, top 100 were announced through a written test from those who got position in their districts. Hmmm. The selection followed top 50, top 25, top 10 and finally 6 of us were selected who were to represent the country in Brazil. I increased my dimension of knowledge and expanded my circle during this competition.


Paving the way to the oldest, most scientific and prestigious Olympiad i.e. International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) is itself praiseworthy and side by side we were creating history too. I won’t hesitate to boast that I along with the team created a history because it was mine and country’s first participation in historical IMO ever.

It was a golden opportunity and I assumed this as a fruit of my toil. IMO is all about PASSION, DETERMINATION, CONFIDENCE, AND SELF MOTIVATION AND VIGOROUS PATIENCE.

Till competition days

Starting with the flight, transit and all aviation process everything was new for me. After around (8+13+1) hours of flight with (23+2) hours of transit in Istanbul and Sao Paolo, we were welcomed at the airport of Rio. They welcomed 9 of us including Prof. Bhadraman Tuladhar, Mr. Deepak Bastola (our leader), Mr. Pitambar Acharya (our deputy leader). Leader and observer were assumed to stay apart from us from the moment. We stayed 2 nights on our own and were taken to hotel Windsor Oceanico. I was amazed, shocked by the hotel and its premises and services. Try IMO and you will get for free (ha-ha).


112 countries and 623 contestants and I were one contestant of Nepal. We had actually gone to solve problems with our skills but I guess we learned more than we could. Although we did not solve any of the problems, we learned life skills. Day 1 had 3 problems and 4.5 hrs to solve them similarly day 2 passed with total of 6 problems and 9 hours in the hall in those 2 days. We lacked the pre requisites and preliminary key facts that is past experience and vigorous training. We made history and graveled the off road this year. Similarly, I hope the road will be blacked up next year with high quality and durability then vehicles will run smoothly. Change needs time and I am pretty sure that Nepal can progress in IMO rapidly.


They took us a tour of a city and cleanliness and regularity dazzled me. They took us to beach for group picture too. We enjoyed salty water and tides for the first time. Sand castles were amazing too. But, bitter truth is like this: a Brazilian had a tattoo of Lord Buddha on his chest. When I approached to check his knowledge he claimed that Buddha was born in northern part of India and Nepal is a state of it. I was shattered by this fact that despite antique and unique pieces of world like Mt. Everest we are unable to convey the truth. They had made a recreation room where we refreshed ourselves bye meeting and making new friends of other countries. We played Toto, TT, Chess, Jenga, Cards and puzzles and many more with upcoming great mathematicians. We got chance to know each other special cultures. The farewell party, Brazilian music and dance were overwhelming to me. Brazilian dishes and coffee was unforgettable too. Panorama from my room was astonishing. We went to Christ de Redeeme (the great statue of Jesus) and the Corcovado Mountain still hovers around me. Estadio de Maracana (stadium of world cup final 2014 was a wonderful place to visit).


  • Nobody understood us and we also did not get them.
  • Nobody spoke English and Turkish and Portuguese made us mad.
  • Google translator, Portuguese and Turkish dictionary helped us to communicate.


This competition has broadened my idea and dimension of thinking. My mind can now little bit see in all 4 quadrants and does not limit only to principal value. I now try to generalize the problems and strategically to cope up them. I have created lemmas and beautiful results of self discipline, vigorous patience and apply those in my triangles of life. I am concylic to other circles of the world that is I got new friends. Life is like geometry; you have solutions within your page that is you just need to see it. Life is algebra; playing with numerous variables unexpectedly provides you beautiful constants and sometime gets messy too. Life is number theory; trying to catch the pace and pattern of sequence and series and congruent modulo. Life is legendary combinatorics; you even don’t know what is going in your life. We are always quantitative but we must be aware of the fact that the decreasing G.P. infinite sum sounds greater but actually isn’t because there is a crux factor that is the ratio is in decreasing order. I mean to say we need to apply the beauty of mathematics from various angles of our life. We can establish the best angle to solve any problem i.e. TRY-ANGLE. We can also make our own lemmas and theorems to prove our life is congruent to success. I want to be the concurrency of the radical axis of three intersecting circles i.e. life success, problems. I will subtend and angle of labor and toil rather bisecting myself. This feeling aroused in my heart after IMO.

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