Top 100 Students Shortlisted for National Level Competition

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Congratulations for making it to the National Level.

District Level Selection Exams for IMO 2018 has finally come to an end. And according to the regulation of MOON, list of highest 100 scorers from different districts was to be published in the website. And finally it has been published. Please click the link below for result.

Top 100 Students

This is also to notify that next round selection will be held on 8th Baisakh 2075. The exam will be held at Central Department of Mathematics TU, Kritipur starting at 11:00 am till 4:00 pm. Only the highest 25 scorers among 100 will be selected. These 25 students will further be trained by highly dignified professors and teachers and finally only 6 students will be selected. And these 6 contestants will represent Nepal in IMO 2018 at Romania.

Our Best Wishes to you all…

Mathematics Olympiad Academic Committee

P.S. Please contact at 9801030737 or for any queries.

4 thoughts on “Top 100 Students Shortlisted for National Level Competition

    1. I am extremely sorry for late reply, indeed very late… students who have not crossed the age of 20 years by the time the selection (it also mean the the final competition abroad) can take part. You might want to take part only if you are above class 8 ( the maths that will be taught after selection will be a little tough to catch up with for students below that) or exceptionally gifted child in maths….

  1. I have my board exam starting from 29th of this month.if i get selected among 25 students when is the time when i get enrolled with the professers?

    1. please contact to the phone number that you find in the footer of our website.. Or you can also leave a message in our facebook page.

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