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Selection Process:

After online registration, the students must go through series of selection processes which has been divided into three phases. The first phase is District level where the students will be summoned to a preset venue in their district for a test. Since the test is online, the students must have a well-functioning device (laptop/tab) that can help them through the test. The test will be of 100 minutes and contains 50 multiple choice questions; each questions will have 4 options with 1 correct answer. The students shall abide by certain rules which will be informed prior to the examination. Test results will be published immediately after and all the participating students will receive certificates featuring their position via email.
50 among the highest scorers from each province will be selected to compete in the next round or the Province level. For this, the participating students will be informed within few days.
At this level, the participating students should be able to solve 6 subjective and 1 visual question within 100 minutes.
The top 100 students from all across the country based on province level scores will be selected for National level or the final round. Here, the students need to answer 6 subjective questions within 100 minutes from which top 50 students will be selected. Similarly after some training classes there is next round of National level by which top 25 students will remain and finally after next level of coaching specially on Algebra, Combinatory, Number Theory and Geometry; top 6 students will be selected on 19 June, 2018 and these 6 ingenious students will get chance to compete for Nepal in International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) on (3-14) July 2018, Romania.


According to MOON general regulation participate students should meet the following criteria:-

  1.  School may send students of any grade or students can register their participation by themselves, but they must have been BORN ON OR AFTER JULY 1, 1999.
  2. Each student should register their name through website ( by submitting their details.
  3. Registration fee for each student is Rs. 500 which should be paid by visiting office at Chabahil or deposit to our Official Bank, Sunrise Bank Ltd., Tinkune, Kathmandu (AC No.: 0060383133701001, AC Name: Mathematics Olympiad of Nepal) and they should attach/send deposit slip to to be verified and confirmed. Note that, participant's full name is mentioned in deposit slip.or contact with the district coordinators for the convenient way.
  4. If any of the interested participant is not able to afford fee then he/she can send authentic letter of recommendation from their Gaunpalika or Nagarpalika to for fee waiver.
  5. School may send students as many as their wish.
  6. Registration should be completed before the deadline.

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